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News - 20.07.2004

SORRY EVERYONE! I'm not going to doll soon (maybe for a week, maybe for years).... I'm out of inspiration and all my newest creations are not good at all. There are a lot of wonderful dollers hwo make amazing dollz. But i can't. And i have little time, so THE SITE IS FROZEN for undetermined time=(

Hi! Here is my last update.

I have finally made the doll for cowbow contest at my sister Mari's site. It was hard for me to finish this doll and i'm not satisfied how it turned out. Maybe it's because of lack of inspiration... =(

I have some new pixel work that you can adopt. It's from my comics about a guy.. Maybe you'll see it somehow..

I've made a button that you can use for linking my site back. I'm not good at making buttons so i'm afraid it's the first and the last button=( I will much appreciate it if you gift me one=))))

New creations

base by nechira

For SDarky. Base by ILCK For Mari's contest

New awards

Thank you very much, Gwolyan!! I'm glad I'm SOTM ar your site!!!!

Tag me!

Note please!

Note please!
All dollz on this site were made by me, except ones that are adopted or made on other bases. All my newest dollz are entirely pixelshaded. Even the hair was made pixel by pixel (i do not use dodge&burn tools). Wish you like it! I'm looking forward for your comments! Thank you!

If you adopt any of my work or use my bases please link me back!
Only one banner is available for now.. But you can make them yourself using my creations and fitting the design of your page:)
If you don't use graphic banners text link will be enough.
Link back to: http://abc-dollz.narod.ru

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